Welcome to the Non-Obvious Book Awards Program!

Every year our team, led by WSJ Best Selling Author Rohit Bhargava spends the entire year gathering stories and insights, interviewing thought leaders and attending events to learn about new ideas and curate them into our annually published book and Trend Report called Non-Obvious.

The report is currently in it’s eighth edition. Last year, we decided to further curate our insights and challenge ourselves to produce an annual “best of the year” list of books that we loved over the past year and the first edition of these Awards were launched.

The new 2017 Edition of these awards was announced on Thursday, December 7th and a total of 30 books were carefully selected from a pool of over 200 books that our team specifically selected for review. These winners were notified by email and social media – and this page includes further details on both the final winners as well as badges and assets available for use by the winners.

*Note – In 2014, these awards had a different brand and approach. In 2015, we did not produce an awards list, however our intent is to do so every year moving forward.


The 2017 Non-Obvious Book Awards

Is this award a big deal?

It’s always nice to be honored, so on an emotional level,  we’d have to say of course!

Beyond that, we do also  conduct an extensive media campaign through traditional and social media throughout the month of December to share the results. All books that make the Shortlist will not only receive recognition in our materials, but their books will be personally reviewed by our Founder Rohit Bhargava and those reviews will be posted on Amazon along with a badge noting the award.

In terms of your chances to win, the awards are highly selective and we don’t accept payments for entry. What this means is that we are routinely scouring the web, events, media and actual bookstores to find the best new business books of the year. Every year, our list includes some titles that have garnered widespread praise along with some that have been underappreciated by the media or other awards programs.


Winners: Badges For Download

Congratulations for being selected this year! If you are one of the winners or a media/PR team working with them, below are several badges available for your promotional use (click on the image to get a higher resolution transparent file). Please only use the badge that corresponds to the list your book was selected for.  We trust you to use these responsibly.

Authors: Interested In Being Considered For 2018?

In order to be considered for the next edition of this report, your book must have a publication date between December 2017 and December 2018. We accept submissions for review of galley copies, final editions and digital manuscripts, however a book must be published and publicly available for sale in order to be considered.

Your book must have applications for business, but does not necessarily need to be officially categorized as a “Business Book.” We are happy to consider any book that can help make a business leader or entrepreneur more successful or smarter. 

Physical manuscripts, galleys or books will not be returned. We do not accept any sorts of payments or bribes in order to consider a book (even particularly delicious chocolate). If any chocolate does accompany your submission, you can expect that it also will not be returned.

There is no application fee to submit your book for consideration. If you would like to be considered, please send an email to info@nonobviouscompany.com and we will be happy to share more details about how to submit your book.