The 6 Biggest Challenges Most Organizations Face

Challenge #1

Disruption & Innovation

Old business models are failing as competitors innovate or arise from unexpected industries.

88% of leaders are dissatisfied with the pace of true innovation from their teams.


Challenge #2

Believability Crisis

It is harder to earn trust and sell than ever before. Confidence in business is at an all time low.

Only 52% of people trust business and 42% trust media.


Challenge #3

Passive Loyalty

Customers are increasingly fickle and will abandon your brand in a heartbeat.

Less than 17% of consumers join a brand loyalty program out of actual loyalty.

Challenge #4

Disengaged Employees

The millennial mindset affects employees of all ages and workers lack motivation and loyalty.

$576 billion is lost annually due to lack of wellness and 7 of 10 workers are disengaged in their jobs.


Challenge #5

Leading With Purpose

Every business is expected to stand for more than profits, be socially responsible and lead with values.

64% of CEOs are increasing investment in corporate social responsibility.


Challenge #6

Engaging Customers

An explosion of media creates constant noise where consumers are distracted from your message.

Successful engagement leads to 63% higher loyalty and 55% higher share of wallet.