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Data Pollution

Data Pollution
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Data Pollution

Originally Published: 2018
Category: Technology and Design

Organizations are facing the challenge of finding and investing in the tools that help them draw actionable, practical insight out of data that can mislead as easily as it informs.

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Our 2016 Non-Obvious Trend Report featured a trend we called Data Overflow, describing the phenomenon that occurs when organizations and institutions are buried in the sheer volume of all the data they have access to. Too many brands are making uninformed decisions about data, or lack the tools to properly analyze it, leading to confusion over how to make it useful. In more extreme cases, data can be misleading to those who do not have the necessary resources to distill it, throwing off strategies and misdirecting budgets.

This trend was published in the 2018 edition of our Non-Obvious trend research and therefore automatically receives an ‘A’ grade. The continuing relevance of these trends is assessed annually and rated based on a combination of reviews feedback from readers, clients, colleagues and our own observations.