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Enlightened Consumption

Enlightened Consumption
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Enlightened Consumption

Enlightened Consumption

Empowered with more information about products and services than ever, people are choosing to make a statement about their values and the world today through how they buy, work, consume, and invest.

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As access to information about everything from nutrition to environmental impact to sustainability grows, people are thinking harder, and considering more factors, about what they consume. Sometimes this has its downsides: How many times have you learned about a new miracle food only to be led on a futile quest to find a way to integrate it into your diet? If only there were a perfect recipe to combine quinoa, acai, coconut water, kimchi, and cricket flour…


With the abundance of knowledge that we have about what we consume often comes confusion. When it comes to food, the science seems to change so frequently that it is hard to know if anything is good for you anymore.


Added to that is the challenge of knowing whether emerging studies are truly unbiased or whether they may have been funded by industry players with ulterior motives. Thankfully, consumers are demanding transparent access to a complete and accurate picture of the products they consume.


We call this trend Enlightened Consumption: Consumers are demanding to know exactly how the products and services in every category that they consume will affect their own health, the environment, and society.

This trend was published in the 2018 edition of our Non-Obvious trend research and therefore automatically receives an ‘A’ grade. The continuing relevance of these trends is assessed annually and rated based on a combination of reviews feedback from readers, clients, colleagues and our own observations.