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Fierce Femininity

Fierce Femininity
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Fierce Femininity

Originally Published: 2017
Category: Culture and Consumer Behaviour

Over the past few years the fierce, independent woman has emerged, redefining the concept of femininity and reimagining gender roles across the political, cultural, and social realms.

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Just 100 years ago,  women were still fighting for the right to vote. Today, women are increasingly being celebrated as heroines and role models as they reject traditional life paths like marriage and child-rearing in favor of becoming trailblazing business leaders, politicians, and artists.


The mainstream popularity of feminism today has encouraged businesses, corporations and artists to put strong women at the center of their campaigns, brands, and works of art.


Brands like Always and Dove are creating entire ad campaigns around empowering women, and Under Armour’s ads featuring ballerina Misty Copeland are going viral and attract millions of organic views. Global corporations and organizations are recognizing women’s unique contributions to their organizations and investing in their professional development.


Politicians like Queen Rania of Jordan enjoy great admiration and support for undoing stereotypes surrounding women in the Middle East and other developing regions of the world. Countries are increasingly electing women to top government roles and Eastern Europe is seeing a surge in strong female leaders. Artists like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have built their artistic identity around the concept of strong, unapologetic feminism.

This trend has accelerated dramatically, as current events and the political and cultural climate are opening up discussion about how we perceive women’s place in modern society. Women are finding more support from men in positions of power. We see this trend continuing to accelerate in the coming years.