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Outrageous Outsiders

Outrageous Outsiders
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Outrageous Outsiders

Originally Published: 2017
Category: Economics and Entrepreneurship

Some of today’s most innovative and influential ideas are coming from complete outsiders whose unconventional quirks disrupt entire industries.

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At any given moment, we are being tempted to consume an overwhelming mix of entertainment, news, content, and products. Whether you are an entertainer, journalist, content marketer, candidate, or influencer, getting eyeballs and energy behind what you’re pedalling requires something different, which is why Outrageous Outsiders — those with quirky, different, and sometimes jaw-dropping approaches to whatever they do — are winning big.

Whether it’s Donald Trump, whose lack of political experience coupled with his, well, “direct” form of communication, ended up turning the political world on its head, or movements like Brexit, whose success few could have predicted, today, there is value in being different, and even outrageously so.

The past few years offered plenty of evidence for how outsiders can disrupt entire industries, countries and global orders. Leaders with little to no political experience won elections. Outsider musicians like Cardi B, a stripper-turned-rapper, top the singles chart. The founders of cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin are already at work to change our economic system.


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