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Reluctant Marketing

Reluctant Marketing
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The Reluctant Marketer

Originally Published: 2015
Category: Marketing and Social Media

Marketing used to focus almost exclusively on the messaging behind and promotion of products and services, but today, marketers are becoming key to informing their organizations’ product development and research.

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At its essence, marketing is about getting consumers to learn about and fall in love with what you do. And in a world where customers expect consistent and transparent communication with the brands they love, that means that brands are putting customer service and digital engagement at the center of their marketing strategies, changing the way that brands allocate budgets and distribute their efforts.

This shift is causing noticeable changes in the way that large corporations organize their marketing efforts: As part of a big reorganization at Proctor & Gamble (P&G), the marketing organization was officially renamed “brand management,” and hundreds of marketing directors became “brand directors” by title. The change was deliberate, meant to describe the broader vision that the brand was assuming in managing an entire customer experience instead of just promoting a product.

The bottom line: Today, stories, word of mouth, conversations and the customer experience drive marketing more than outbound communication.

As content marketing becomes a greater part of the marketing mix, organizations see themselves doing more than just “marketing.” This shift away from promotional marketing and toward being useful, providing utility and answering questions continues to occur.


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