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man and transgender symbol


Originally Published: 2018
Category: Culture & Consumer Behaviour

Shifting definitions of traditional gender roles are leading some to reject the notion of gender completely, while others aim to eliminate it from products, experiences, and even their own identities.

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What is gender? How many gender classifications do we need? Neither of those questions has a definitive answer. Even the words we can use to describe gender today are expanding: non-binary, genderless, nonconforming, gender fluid, trans, asexual, and polygender are just a few. As a result, we are seeing a shift toward a safer, more inclusive and “ungendered” way of thinking that is affecting everything from entertainment and products to marketing, recruiting and workplace practices.

This trend was published in the 2018 edition of our Non-Obvious trend research and therefore automatically receives an ‘A’ grade. The continuing relevance of these trends is assessed annually and rated based on a combination of reviews feedback from readers, clients, colleagues and our own observations.