Signature Workshops

We inspire Non-Obvious thinking to solve the world’s biggest business challenges.

While our name is quirky, we are serious about helping organizations and the humans inside them take action by identifying new opportunities and implementing smart ideas to win the future. Our workshops focus on innovation, leadership, sales, marketing, employee engagement and mindful management.

The primary way we do this is through a series of signature workshops that allow us to understand your issues and opportunities quickly and deliver high value. Our aim is to maximize our impact by bringing fresh, global, multi-industry thinking and an unique approach to inspire new solutions to your most important business problems and enable you to seize the biggest opportunities.



How do you get your team to really think differently?

Whether you are just trying to inspire more creativity or build disruptive products, services or experiences, our “Non-Obvious” method helps you see what others miss and win the future.

 1  Non-Obvious Innovation Day Workshop

Imagine disruptive products, services and experiences using trends.

 2  Non-Obvious Creativity Academy

Ignite new thinking and improve your creative culture.

 3  Non-Obvious Digital Disruption Workshop

Prepare for transformation & create a smarter digital strategy.


Do you have the right plan to win the future?

Bring your team together with an expert strategic facilitator to address your challenges, prioritize time/resources, make tough choices and build the right growth plan and execute to win.

 1  Non-Obvious Brand Storytelling/Marketing Workshop

Tell a more human story to engage customers and win loyalty.

 2  Non-Obvious Likable Selling Masterclass

Close deals and build likeability and trust through five core skills.

 3  Non-Obvious Prioritization Workshop

Explore growth ideas, discuss key priorities and make tough choices.


Why are some leaders and brands more effective?

Gain a roadmap for how to lead with authenticity, build trust, and grow reputation – all customized to focus on leadership skills, public speaking, selling, reputation, or team collaboration.

 1  Non-Obvious Persuasive Speaking Masterclass

Sell your ideas using the power of storytelling to inspire action.

 2  Non-Obvious Trust & Reputation Workshop

Earn trust in a skeptical world with our proven five-step formula.

 3  Non-Obvious Lifter™ Leadership

Learn the four mindshifts of conscious leadership to engage & innovate.


What does it take to build a pioneering workplace?

Make your competitors irrelevant by building a high performance sought after workplace that is innovative, positive, highly engaged and sees diversity and inclusion as a secret tool to winning.

 1  Non-Obvious Mindful Management Workshop

Apply mindfulness to think bigger, reduce stress and transform culture.

 2  Non-Obvious Employee Engagement & Team Building

Recruit, motivate and retain workers of all ages and backgrounds.

 3  Non-Obvious Building Diversity Workshop

Learn how tapping into (and honoring) diversity drives performance.

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